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Bebenhausen 2014-01-06

view of Bebenhausen monastery

View of the (former) monastery Bebenhausen.

Green Tower (Bebenhausen)

green tower

houses in Bebenhausen

fog comes 2013-11-12

Walddorf at night

[1:48 am] view of Walddorf with fog over the Neckar valley (30 sek · f/5 · ISO 1600)

Walddorf in fog at night

[2:12 am] 24 minutes later... fog has arrived. After 6 more minutes I found myself also within fog.
(almost in the image center: Sirius, the brightest star of the night sky)

Bebenhausen 2013-11-09

view of Bebenhausen monastery in evening light

view of Bebenhausen monastery in evening light

roofs of BebenhausenBebenhausen

the former monastery is located in the Schönbuch forest, right to the north of Tübingen

last evening light on the walls

published on 2013-11-15

location: Europe > Germany > Baden-Württemberg > Tübingen District > Tübingen > Bebenhausen

Season: autumn

keywords: Bebenhausen | village | monastery

Infrared: Bebenhausen 2013-11-09

infrared view of Bebenhausen

infrared (720 nm low-pass) view of Bebenhausen

Bebenhausen, infrared photography


The greyscale infrared pictures can be used to create colourful false-colour infrared pictures. The infrared picture (ir) is swapped into the red channel (r), whereas the original red and green (g) channels are swapped into the green and blue (b) channels, respectively (the original blue channel is not used):

false colour infrared channel swapping scheme NRG -> RGB

This corresponds to the analog Kodak EIR false-colour infrared film. Vegetation appears magenta, whereas areas which both reflect red and (near) infrared appear yellow.

Bebenhausen false-colour infrared photograph (NRG) Bebenhausen false-colour infrared photograph (NRG)Detail from the picture above

Detail from the picture above:
As a result of colour channel swapping (g > b), the roof of the Green Tower appears blue.
In the forest, conifers (magenta) can be discriminated from broad-leafed trees (orange), which either are bare or have red-brownish foliage.

Unterjesingen 2013-09-21

view of Unterjesingen

view of Unterjesingen

published on 2013-09-25

location: Europe > Germany > Baden-Württemberg > Tübingen District > Tübingen > Unterjesingen

keywords: village | Unterjesingen | church

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