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dust from the Sahara 2021-02-06

orange overcast sky due to dust particles from the Sahara in the atmosphere

1 2 3 There are different variants of this image. Move the cursor over the correspondent boxes to display them.Around half past one on this foggy saturday with wind from Southwest, the cloud cover started to turn orange due to dust particles from the Sahara desert.
One could argue that simply the white balance on these pictures wasn´t correct, however, I set it manually to 4700 K because this setting is closest to my visual impression of the scene. 3700 K would be necessary to pull the clouds to neutral grey. With daylight setting (5600 K) the pictures were already much too yellow.

published on 2021-02-06

keywords: Sahara dust | sky

Birkensee at night 2014-06-27

Startrails at the Birkensee at night.

Stratrails reflecting in the Birkensee.

milky way

25 sek · f/2.8 · 16 mm · ISO 3200 · EOS 5D

published on 2014-08-15

categories: Schönbuch

keywords: Birkensee | night photograph | startrails | night | sky

Bebenhausen at night 2014-02-24

Bebenhausen at night with startrails

Bebenhausen at night
exposure time: 50 min (120 x 25 s)

published on 2014-03-08

location: Europe > Germany > Baden-Württemberg > Tübingen District > Tübingen > Bebenhausen

categories: Schönbuch

keywords: night sky | startrails | star | sky | night

published on 2014-02-19

keywords: moon | plane | contrail | sky

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orange overcast sky due to dust particles from the Sahara in the atmosphere